Thermal Expansion

             Summit Park Public Service District

Protect your water heater from Thermal Expansion 
Water expands in volume as its temperature rises.  The extra volume caused by thermal expansion must go somewhere.  A thermal expansion tank added to your home water system offered the solution to this dilemma.

The temperature & pressure release valves on water heaters offer some release but should not be your only line of defense.  A thermal expansion tank provides increased safety and protection.

Here are a few very useful websites that explain thermal expansion and the installation of a thermal expansion tank.
Click here for thermal expansion tank installation: 

For a more in-depth explanation you may also like to read the information in the following PDF 
Click here for more indepth explanation on thermal expansion:

Here is a video to see why it's important to install a Thermal Expansion tank:

If you have any questions about Thermal Expansion feel free to contact the Summit Park district office
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