Meeting will be held on Monday, March 9th , 2020 at 4:00 pm at the District’s office on Coal St. in Summit Park. Public meetings are recorded.

 Work Session:  3:30PM
          To discuss finances and review invoices for the previous month

I.  Call Meeting to Order

II.  Roll Call -  Declare quorum if present  

III.  Introduce Staff present

 IV.  Recognize public present 

V.  Approve minutes of previous month’s meeting.

VI.  Financial Reports
             A.  Approve or deny bills
             B.  Budget review and discussion 

VII.  Old Business

             A. Waterline Replacement Engineering Update

VIII.  New Business


IX.  Manager’s report  
           Monthly Status Report

 X.   Any other Business that may come before the Board 

XI.   Open meeting to the public for comment. 

(Each person will have a two minute time period to make comments concerning agenda items. All public comment topics must be submitted in writing in order to be added to the agenda, no less than two days before the meeting date. )

XII. Announcement of next scheduled meeting.

XIII. Adjournment 

Copies of financial information are available to the public under the Federal Freedom of Information Act.  The request must be made in writing; the District will provide the information in 5 business days.  A copying fee of $.50 per page will apply, or if the person making the request would rather see the information in our office we will make it available during business hours.

                                                                   THIS INSTITUTION IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER AND EMPLOYER

 Board Meeting Agenda


Robert P. Hinebaugh, Chairman     ♦    Robert W. Bush, Treasurer     ♦   Ronald L. Johnson, Secretary

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